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3 Must Knows as a Fresh Year 11 Student

Some of the wackiest things in my life happened when I was in Year 11. I got behind the wheel for the first time, I went to my first protest, Avengers: Infinity War came out, I got two jobs (at the same time) and much more. Keeping your life, your studies and your extracurriculars in…

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5 Things to Check Before Finalising your Resume

You now have your very own resume. If you don’t, go read How to Write a Resume first then come back. Done? Good. Welcome back. Writing your first resume can take a good few hours. But even after you finish you’re not really done. Here are 5 things to check and tweak to make sure…

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Hero Publication: An Honest Insight into Picking Your University Degree

Hero Education is proud to present our very first publication – “An Honest Insight into Picking Your University Degree”. This guide features interviews with 30 Hero Education Alumni students who share their honest and genuine experience in a wide range of degrees and universities – from veterinary to law, from engineering to medicine, and even…

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