Chemistry is discovering the things that make up matter, its structure and properties and how to magically transform it into something completely new.

In the year 11 preliminary course, students learn fundamentals of chemistry which includes understanding the different types of matter, chemical equations and calculations, intermolecular forces and rates of reaction. In the year 12 HSC course, students apply their preliminary knowledge in a more industrial and environmental context, learning about the chemistry behind plastics, acids and bases and a variety of chemical processes and techniques.

At Hero Education, we ensure that our chemistry students are delivered detailed but concise information for the entire course in a clear and precise manner. This means that our students don’t need to worry about searching for and checking the reliability of information and can focus on learning the content and applying it.

  • Properties and Structure of Matter
  • Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry
  • Reactive Chemistry
  • Drivers of Reactions
  • Equilibrium and Acid Reactions
  • Acid/base Reactions
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Applying Chemical Ideas