The world is a beautiful place overflowing with opportunities and experiences. However, sadly not everyone in this world is able to enjoy the same beauty that we may know.

At Hero, we feel extremely lucky and grateful for the opportunities that were given to us. As such, we hope to give back by creating opportunities for others which can then perpetuate into a contagious culture of giving. We believe that whilst donating money to a cause may provide temporary relief, it is the empowerment of people to make change that will ultimately solve our global social problems.

The Hero Impact Grant is a Hero Education philanthropic initiative that provides financial support to members of the public who wish to make a social impact. It is our way of teaching, encouraging and empowering others to care and make a positive impact towards greater social and environmental issues.

Recipients of the grant receive:

  • $AU500
  • On-going mentorship from our Founder Evan Wong
  • Access to relevant resources, expertise and networks
  • Applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  • The money provided must be used only in support or enablement of social or environmental change.  Such activities may include but are not restricted to personal initiatives, volunteering overseas or funding social projects.

Hero Impact Grant (2017): Summit Unwritten

HERO IMPACT GRANT 2017: Summit Unwritten (PROJECT UNWRITTEN) Project Unwritten was co-founded in October of 2016 by five high-school students (one of which is Hero’s own Michael Chan), with one central mission at its heart – to inspire millennials all around the globe to fearlessly live a passion-driven life. This year, Hero had the privilege of…

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Hero Impact Grant (2016): Hero Afterschool Care

HERO IMPACT GRANT 2016: Hero Afterschool Centre (NADYA HOLLANDS) Taking a big leap forward, the Hero Impact Grant has kick-started social change internationally! Tackling the lack of welfare for children after school in Malaysia, Nadya is working on setting up a not-for-profit afterschool centre which will provide children from disadvantaged Malaysian families a safe place to…

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Hero Impact Grant (2015): Vegan Cookbook

HERO IMPACT GRANT 2015: Vegan Cookbook (SUNHYE PARK) With a big heart for the environment, sustainability and animal welfare, Hero Education alumni Sunhye Park wanted to make a change. Being a Vegan herself, Sunhye was able to use her expertise and the $500 from the Hero Impact Grant to put together a Vegan Cookbook! The…

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Hero Impact Grant (2014): A Mission in China

Hero Education was proud to support our inspirational HSC Mentor Minwoo Yim by contributing $500 to his missionary in Sichaun, China.Amongst spending time with children and organising a Christmas party, Minwoo spent his time embracing a new culture, learning lessons that would last a lifetime and spreading some of his contagious passion. We are so…

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