The HSC Hero team brings together young, bright and enthusiastic leaders who have a strong sense of social responsibility towards the broader community and a strong passion in the development of others. Beyond demonstrating academic excellence, each of our HSC Hero tutors are proven leaders who continually work towards inspiring the people around them. As teachers and mentors, they are role-models who genuinely care about their students, and often go beyond their role to ensure that their students are placed in the best position possible. Simply put, they are in the eyes of students, their HSC Hero.





Evan graduated from Sydney Boys High School, receiving the Premier’s Award for All-round Excellence. Graduated with Distinction from a combined degree in Commerce and Law at the University of New South Wales, Evan was awarded both the UNSW Business School Deans’ List and UNSW Law Dean’s List for Academic Excellence.

During university, Evan was well-known to wear multiple hats including Vice-President of the UNSW Business Society, a management consultant at KPMG, and our very own Founder at Hero Education. Today, Evan is a CEO of a multi-award winning technology start-up, Checkbox, and is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. Despite being one of the busiest persons you’ll ever meet, Evan’s passion for teaching and self-professed obsession with the development of others often leads him to put others first and live through the success of the people he mentors.



Minwoo graduated from Sydney Boys High School where his caring and gratuitous nature is reflected by his extensive involvement in volunteer work. He is currently studying a combined degree in Commerce and IT at the University of Sydney.

One of the happiest people you’ll ever meet, Minwoo chases opportunities to do the things he loves, which landed him in the positions of Administrator and the President of the Student Outreach to the World. As a teacher, Minwoo’s greatest asset is his contagious passion and seemingly unlimited enthusiasm. As a result, students are always engaged and involved in his classroom, and develop their own passion for the subject. His greatest motivation comes from his desire to inspire students to become curious about the world around them and how things work, and his drive to be a life mentor to ignite positive change in the people around him.


Nahum graduated from Holy Spirit College, receiving the Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence. Boasting an array of awards, Nahum has dedicated himself to all aspects of life, receiving several trophies at a high level of competitive basketball as well as receiving the ICAS award for scoring in the top 2% of his peers. Currently, Nahum is studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at the University of New South Wales.

Furthering his passion to enrich the lives of others, Nahum has involved himself extensively with various charitable drives such as Caritas whilst maintaining a firm involvement as a tutor for his peers. With drive and discipline like no other, Nahum will ensure that his students are adequately supported and more. With a firm belief that no start in life is ever too late, Nahum will always be there for his students, empowering them through the best learning environment possible.


Vicky graduated from North Sydney Girls High School, achieving an honoured entry into Art Express. Having a distinguished career in various extra-curricular involvement, Vicky has achieved wisdom far beyond that of her peers, excelling when it came to sports, performing arts and even community service. Currently, Vicky is studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Science degree at the University of New South Wales.

Continuing her goal of self-development and encouraging others to do the same, Vicky has notably involved herself with various student committees on campus that provides opportunities to learn and gain industry experience for her peers. With an emphasis that variety is indeed, the spice of life, Vicky quickly ensures that her students are growing holistically, not just in terms of their academics but to grasp other opportunities that life has to offer.



Simon graduated from North Sydney Boys High School where he began developing his leadership skills early as the Sports House Vice-Captain. He is currently studying Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University.

When he isn’t out volunteering for social causes, Simon is working at the Physio4All physiotherapy clinic. Here, you’ll find him either tending to patients or working with organisations such as MS Research Australia and the City2Surf to help raise awareness and funds for diseases as well as promote healthy living. Simon believes that learning and experiences is the keystone of all stages of life and should not be dreaded but enjoyed. As such, Simon takes a life-orientated approach in his teaching and promotes a caring and fun environment where students look forward to learning.




Judy graduated from Caringbah High School where she placed as a finalist in multiple competitions and was awarded the Honour Blue Award for Overall Excellence. She was also a leader in her school as a member of the SRC and a Prefect, and a leader in her community, earning her the Premier’s Black Opal Award for Volunteering. Judy currently studies a combined degree in Optometry and Science at the University of New South Wales where she maintains a distinction average.

Judy is the year representative for the UNSW Optometry Society and is a participant in the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. With a born personality which focuses on developing the best in others, Judy possesses qualities and attitudes which make her a natural teacher.




Pat graduated from Sefton High School, receiving the Silver Medallion Award for Overall Excellence. At school, Pat was able to balance his studies with being a dancer, Prefect and SRC. He is currently studying a combined degree in Laws and Science at Macquarie University where he maintains a distinction average.

With a strong belief that life is about learning, Pat constantly throws himself into new areas of life. When he’s not discussing politics, you’ll find Pat writing poetry, playing music or reviewing art. Of course, he’s a hardcore academic as well, winning the First Year’s Mooting and Debating Championship and receiving the Le Levre Science Scholarship Award. With a contagiously bright and enthusiastic personality, you can be sure that Pat’s students always leave class with smiles on their faces and a positive attitude towards learning.




Helen graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School, receiving the Premier’s Award for All-round Excellence. Beyond being a HSC state ranker, Helen has also received numerous science awards including the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST) Medal. Helen will be studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

But Helen isn’t just book-smart. She’s a basketball player, runner and a serial social-cause volunteer. Her compassionate and caring nature has led her to volunteer in multiple programs both domestically and overseas. If you get the pleasure of meeting Helen, you’ll discover that she is very articulate and has a gift for explaining things clearly. Together with her diligent and people-loving personality, Helen is a natural born teacher who always goes beyond for her students.





Michael graduated from Baulkham Hills High School, receiving the Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence. Having been a Prefect, SRC and a mentor at school, Michael is a natural born leader who always looks to inspire his peers. Michael will be studying combined Commerce and Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.

During high school, Michael also co-founded a not-for-profit organisation, Project Unwritten. Today, Project Unwritten continues to impact lives around the world, facilitating volunteer trips for young people to countries like Cambodia. With his personal ethos that “Age is never a hindrance towards achievement,” he hopes to empower his own students to not only maximise their own HSC experience but to discover and reach their own life-long goals. With dedication, enthusiasm and maturity way beyond his years, Michael will always go above and beyond for his students.





Tajwar graduated from Sydney Boys High School, receiving the Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence. Having extensively served as part of the Community Services Committee as well as being the president of the Islamic Society, he constantly strives to give back to his community. Tajwar is currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

Furthering his desire to give back, Tajwar has been involved in various charitable drives, organising events to support worldwide issues such as the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis. Today, he continues his passion in giving back to others, not only through philanthropic initiatives but taking on executive roles in Education to further the learning experiences of his peers. With wisdom far beyond his age, Tajwar hopes to help his students grasp the reigns of their own HSC experience and truly make it their own. Being living proof that there is more to life than what we can see, Tajwar will always ensure his students have the best time in learning.


Raphin Hossain

Raphin is now studying Medicine and is the President and Founder of the Medical Society at Curtin University.

Shubash Quazi

Shubash is now studying Medicine at UNSW and is the CEO and Founder of Crown Academy.

Zafar Rizvi

Zafar is wrapping up his Bachelor of Medicine degree at UNSW.

Brandon Lau

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Pharmacology and Pathology, Brandon now works at the Children’s Cancer Institute.

Abeer Khan

Abeer has just finished up his Bachelor of Medicine degree at UNSW and is now in-training to being a full fledged doctor.