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When I first started looking for a chemistry and physics teacher in year 12, I quickly found out that most of the reviews about the bigger institutions were mixed at best. What drew me towards Hero Education was that every single person I asked had only positive things to say about them. Now, at the end of year 12, I find myself very glad to be agreeing with those people. To me, the facets of Hero Education that I found most useful to me are as follows:

  1. Materials: Hero has absolutely wonderful notes. Evan proudly proclaims “My notes have everything you need to score full marks in the HSC”, and of course, he’s absolutely right. Unlike textbooks which are full of worthless fluff, and revision notes which are far too lacking in explanation, Hero’s notes contain exactly what you need, no more and no less. His use of concept checks based off previous HSC questions is a clever way to concrete the knowledge you need, and homework is always manageable, effective, and relevant.
  2. Teaching style: Unlike larger classes of 30 or so, the small class sizes of Hero often work to its advantage. It is much easier to ask questions to assist your understanding than in a larger environment, and the teachers are never impatient. Even after 4 hours combined of chemistry and physics, the class never manages to lose interest, and every concept is explained clearly and simply.
  3. Dedication: When you sign up at Hero, you sign up for much more than chemistry and/or physics classes. You sign up for a willing ear, a word of sagely advice when called for, and that burst of motivation you need to keep up the good fight. Lord Evan Wong of Chemistry and Physics, Commander of the Syllabi, Warden of High ATAR’s is unswervingly dedicated to ensuring students get the best HSC they can and often goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Therefore, because of these three reasons, it’s exceedingly clear that Hero Education has a lot to offer preliminary and HSC chemistry and physics students. Hero Education has my highest endorsements as well as my fondest regards, and I would sincerely recommend them to anyone who wants to ensure they do well in the HSC.

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"What drew me towards Hero Education was that every single person I asked had only positive things to say about them."

  • 2013
  • Sydney Boys High School