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The thing that sets Hero apart is the fact that its tutors genuinely care about its students.
My Hero tutor spent huge amounts of time and energy in ensuring that we actually understood the course content, rather than settling with an approach of simple memorization and rote learning. His explanations and the comprehensive theory booklets broke down the most complex concepts into easily digestible chunks. While I struggled in the traditional classroom at school, the small class sizes and open friendly learning environment at Hero meant that every single one of us received highly personalized attention. All our questions and uncertainties were answered so that we were as prepared as we possibly could for whatever the upcoming exam could throw at us.

But more importantly – with his ridiculously enthusiastic attitude and memorable and quirky way of teaching – my Hero tutor transformed one of the most boring subjects in the HSC into an exciting field of knowledge to be pursued and conquered. The burdensome chore of studying became challenging and engaging. And when we ran out of steam or faltered when that big exam came looming up, encouraging words and advice and ready answers to any last minute questions cheered us on. Simply put, my tutor made us want to study in our own time as well as during class.

Hero strived to not only develop our work ethics but to also completely alter our perceptions of work, school and extra-curricular activities. They’re all about igniting within students that drive to succeed through hard work and perseverance. Leading by example, my tutor inspires and motivates us through his own integrity and commitment to not only us, but his own studies and extra-curricular activities. (I’m pretty sure he has like a time-turner or a TARDIS or something.) Hero even continues to support us after the HSC, through university and career advice.

Before joining Hero I was completely abysmal at Chemistry, and had actually considered dropping the subject, scoring approximately 50% in my first few exams. It ended up becoming one of the subjects that I scored the highest in for the HSC and one of the subjects that I enjoyed studying the most. I can confidently and honestly say that without Hero Education I could not have achieved my HSC results and I could not have made it into the course I wanted. Thank you so much, Hero.

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"The thing that sets Hero apart is the fact that its tutors genuinely care about its students."

  • 2014
  • Sydney Boys High School